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Email Frustration is real

Three ideas to master Your Email 

Is your unending list of emails driving you crazy? You’re not alone. Email is extraordinarily time-consuming for most of us. When we could be engaging in more productive work, email is always there, threatening to derail us. Pop-up notifications make email even harder to ignore. Read more to learn how… Read More »Three ideas to master Your Email 

Setting Goals in 4 Quick Steps

I genuinely love this month with the holidays upcoming and the new year just around the corner. This month I’m focusing my energies on working with clients on setting goals and organizing priorities for the next year. Here’s my updated blog post on goal setting for the new year. I… Read More »Setting Goals in 4 Quick Steps

Clutter Can Kill You. 4 Steps to Living Clutter-Free

Clutter can be conquered with a little work and often with the help of a Professional Organizer. With these four quick, easy steps, you can be on your way to a more clutter-free life