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User experiencing information overtload

It’s Alarming How Much Wasted Time Happens with Information Overload.

Information overload, infobesity, infoxication, or information anxiety happens almost without you knowing until you find yourself wasting hours each week. What matters in your work and personal lives and your critical roles in others’ lives diminish. What is Information Overload, and How Much Information Comes to Us Daily? If you’ve… Read More »It’s Alarming How Much Wasted Time Happens with Information Overload.

Email can be problematic

5 Email Mistakes to Stop Making Now

Email is fast approaching its 50th anniversary. Almost since its inception, email has been a mixed blessing. While email is instantaneous and paper-free, as compared with what we now call snail mail, it’s also associated with some problematic behaviors. So here are the 5 main email mistakes and how to… Read More »5 Email Mistakes to Stop Making Now

Setting Goals in 4 Quick Steps

I genuinely love this month with the holidays upcoming and the new year just around the corner. This month I’m focusing my energies on working with clients on setting goals and organizing priorities for the next year. Here’s my updated blog post on goal setting for the new year. I… Read More »Setting Goals in 4 Quick Steps

Why Hire a Professional Organizer?

“How did this happen?” you ask yourself one day as you scan the clutter occupying almost every corner of your home or office. Seemingly without your help, the heaps of items that are scattered about or piled haphazardly appeared out of nowhere. It’s just there. It can happen easily. You… Read More »Why Hire a Professional Organizer?