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Creating a Task List, You’ll Actually Love

Are you tired of task lists that are overwhelming and de-motivating? Lists that are overloaded with unnecessary and non-priority tasks can be a real hassle. You may find yourself with a list that takes 36 hours or more to complete in just one day. It’s no wonder these types of lists can be de-motivating. In this blog post are some ideas to show you how to create a task list that inspires you and guides you through what is essential.

What’s The Origin of the Task List?

The idea of having a task list has existed for centuries, but it has evolved. Benjamin Franklin is known as the father of the to-do list. He also followed a daily plan, which is something that is taught in the total effectiveness system.

Problems With Today’s Task Lists

Today’s digital lists typically have too many customizations that take time to complete. Priorities, categories, tags, and other details can be useful, but sometimes they can make the list more complicated than it needs to be. A long list can be overwhelming and challenging to manage. Many people feel like they can’t keep up with their to-do lists and it’s because they are trying to do too much.

Creating a Task List That Will Motivate You

To create a task list that motivates you, choose a simple tool that meets a few minimum requirements. The tool should have the ability to create different lists, date tasks, add sub-tasks, and integrate with your other tools to eliminate duplication. A few tools that meet these requirements are Google Tasks and Microsoft ToDo. Google Tasks has lists, can create sub-tasks, and list task detail notes.

Also, understanding your completion capability is crucial when creating a task list. Track how many tasks you accomplish in a day and only have that number or perhaps one or two more on your list. For example, if you only average six completed tasks daily, why would you have 20 on your list? Be realistic when it comes to your task list. You should only include tasks that are important and relevant to your goals.

Schedule Time to Plan and Review

Planning a week in advance and reviewing the plan daily is essential. Schedule time to plan and review your list to ensure that you are on track and that you are focusing on what is essential. This will help you stay motivated and will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Make sure to set aside time to prioritize, review, and update your list regularly.

Wrap Up

Creating a task list that you love is possible. Choose a simple tool, track your completion capability, and schedule time to plan and review. Following these steps will give you a task list that inspires you and guides you through what is important. Remember, the key is to be realistic and focus on what truly matters. A well-designed task list can help you achieve your goals and keep you motivated on your journey.

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