Structured Space is your Seattle Professional Organizer.


We Love to Help Clients Organize and Declutter.

Overcome the Frustration of Disorganized information

Whether you’re struggling with a cluttered computer system or a stack of paperwork in your home office, Structured Space is your Seattle professional organizer experienced in sorting any mess of information and turning it into a manageable system.

With our unique C apture – A nalyze – R esolve or CAR system we can help your company declutter documents and categorize information so it’s easily searchable.

If your business is hoping to go paperless, we’ll set up a system to convert paper information into digital files. As professional organizers, we find unique solutions to make every day a success.

Get in touch us today to start your journey to becoming more efficient and productive through professional organization.

We can also help your organization in the following areas;

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