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How much more time would you like next week?

30 minutes? An hour, maybe even 5 hours? By organizing and planning around what matters, and most importantly, letting go of what doesn’t, you can have that additional time. How would you spend it? Starting an exercise program? Learning a new hobby? Meeting new friends? Let your imagination go, and contact Structured Space Professional Organizing let me help you say goodbye to things that don’t matter.

Tasks, Information, Methods, and Execution are the four pillars of our approach to organizing. We create tasks from information gathered and understand what your goals are. We develop methods for completing your project, and most importantly, we help you get it done through execution. Structured Space is the only Professional Organizer that will promise you will have more time to spend on what matters.

A favorite quote of mine is “Time equals Life.” and my goal when working with clients is to help them let go of clutter and focus on what is essential and what will make a real difference. I guarantee if you work my TIME process we build together, you will have more time in your life. It’s that simple. The gap between what people want to accomplish and what is happening is clutter.

As a Seattle Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant Structured Space Professional Organizing has been helping clients since 2014 to organize all types of spaces. From dens to digital files, we’ve organized it all. We exist to help our clients understand the freedom of living a decluttered life. We’ve worked with clients large and small from large law firms to small studio condominiums.

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