We Love to Help Clients Organize and Declutter. Discover a more peaceful, creative life by reducing personal and professional clutter with Structured Space.

Overcome the Exhaustion and Frustration of Disorganized information

Whether you’re struggling with a cluttered computer system or a stack of paperwork, Seattle based Structured Space is your professional organizer experienced in sorting through any mess of information and turning it into a manageable system.

With our unique C apture – A nalyze – R esolve or CAR system we can help your organization declutter unnecessary documents and categorize important information so it’s easily searchable.

If your business is hoping to go paperless, we’ll set up a system to convert paper information into digital storage. Reducing physical clutter and developing a well-organized database means you can focus more on the task at hand, and less on the distraction of disorganization. I find unique solutions to make every day a success.

Get in touch us today to start your journey to becoming more efficient and productive with my professional organizing.

We can also help your organization in the following areas;

professional organizer and manger of structured space, Todd Allan

I’m Todd Allan, Manager of Structured Space. I’m a member of NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, an Evernote Certified consultant, and certified in the 5S Methodology for Organizing.

My career began in the Apple industry in Central Washington State. There I worked in the family business handling various production, HR and IT roles. Several years ago, the opportunity to move to Seattle presented itself, and I decided to start a new chapter in my life. After graduating from City University of Seattle in 2004, I explored several career paths, from working with DHL in Express Shipping to achieving a lifelong goal of Automotive Sales.

I’ve lived with the challenge of ADHD my entire life, and have mastered numerous organizing strategies to meet this challenge head on. In 2004 I decided to put those strategies to good use and opened Structured Space.

I began working with clients on residential projects and have evolved my business to focus more on helping individuals and small businesses organize workflows and workspaces, either digital or physical and am passionate about seeing them become more productive, save time, and increase their quality of life.

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