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Using Evernote on Your Work Day

As a professional, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything on the workday to-do list. That’s why starting with the foundation of having an easy and efficient organizational system is key to keeping myself on track.  Although there are many productivity apps out there aimed to maximize your effectiveness, I’m… Read More »Using Evernote on Your Work Day

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The Amazing History of Evernote

The history of Evernote, a note-taking and information management shows how the app that has gone through a remarkable journey since its inception in 2000. Read on to learn how the software has evolved and overcome notable issues to become one of the most popular and effective note-taking apps available… Read More »The Amazing History of Evernote

Setting Goals in 4 Quick Steps

I genuinely love this month with the holidays upcoming and the new year just around the corner. This month I’m focusing my energies on working with clients on setting goals and organizing priorities for the next year. Here’s my updated blog post on goal setting for the new year. I… Read More »Setting Goals in 4 Quick Steps