It’s still not too late to take these steps to get your business organized. With just a few weeks left in this year and many of us looking forward to a fresh start. Improve your business before the end of the year and boost your team’s effectiveness and your company’s bottom line.

Begin Using a Unified Messaging System

Use a shared workspace to collaborate and share documents.

Small businesses often share documents they are working on through email, creating a problem when one version gets saved over the original. Google Workspace has created an ideal solution to this problem with Rooms, easily accessible through Gmail.

Utilize One Cloud-based File Storage System

It’s not uncommon for businesses to have several cloud-based file storage systems, creating a problem with locating different files. Unifying on one system keeps things organized and easy to find. Accompany this with a robust file naming convention, and your team can save hours each week.

Use a Common System to Gather and Organize Miscellaneous Information

Information can be one of your businesses’ most significant assets, but if your team can’t locate it, it can be virtually useless. Evernote Business is a fantastic tool that allows your team to share any information with your entire team effortlessly or perhaps one or two others.

Revise and Update Your Paper Filing System

A typical four-drawer filing cabinet costs, on average, $25,000 to fill and approximately $2,500 each year to maintain. Creating and utilizing a document retention policy, along with creating a system for handling paperwork, can save your team time and energy.

Improve Your Team Morale

While morale on your team is often challenging to assess and improve, streamlining processes to eliminate wasted effort is a great first start. Small Businesses often create methods that seem great at the time but can lose efficiency and purpose over time and conflict with its purpose. Examining processes for relevance is a great way to begin working on team morale.

Organize Your Physical Space

Organizing your team’s physical space creates a relaxing space for work. Ensuring clutter is eliminated will help your team concentrate on work. 5S is a methodology initially used in Japanese manufacturing but has been adopted in office and smaller production environments.

As a professional organizer specializing in organizational effectiveness, I work with clients on several tools including Google Workspace, Evernote Business, and workspace organizing with the 5S methodology. Book a no-cost project assessment with me today on my contact page here.

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