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The Missing Component to Accomplishing Your Goals

SMART goals are one of the best frameworks for creating plans, and this time of year, there is a lot of focus on goal setting. If you need a refresher on SMART goals, Atlassian has a great post on creating them. This time of year. One question frequently asked is why more people don’t accomplish their goals. I’ve found the problem is in your habits.

Habits Are the Subconscious Mind’s Autopilot

The problem is many of our habits need to serve us better. For example, you might habitually check social media or email when you first wake up, which can set the day’s tone in a negative direction. 

You may have a SMART goal to get in shape, but you find exercise rarely on your schedule. Or your SMART goal might be a healthier diet, but your shopping cart tells a different story.

The key to changing a habit is to start with smaller steps repeated regularly. To get in shape, Start with a ten or 15-minute walk every morning. After 25 or 30 days, you’ll now have a habit of exercising. Regarding eating healthier, you could start with having just one healthy meal a day. The key is successful incremental change. Behind each unachieved goal is a habit that blocks progress.

How To Change

For things to change, three components intersect. First, you have your SMART goals. Next, know your core values and, finally, drill into your habits. It’s important to remember that your habits may require some work to uncover. They can be sneaky. The Clinic on Dupont in Toronto has a great post about habits and how to identify them. Once you’re aware of your habits, combining your core values with your SMART goals will be the formula for your success in 2023

Foundations, Week One of the Total Effectiveness System

Week one of the Total Effectiveness System is called foundations. We go into discovering your core values, where you invest your time and work-life balance. In the next class, launching on January 10th, we’ll delve into habits and how they can be roadblocks to progress and the keys to success.

I’d love to learn about your goals for 2023 and if you have insight into your habits. More info on the Total Effectiveness System is at the bottom of this post. You can email me if you want to connect on my contact page.

Kickstart your productivity with the Total Effectiveness System. This six-lesson online course will show you how to organize your life around what matters and your critical roles.

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