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Last week I outlined 7 steps you and your team can do to organize your business before the end of the year. Today let’s review how to organize your team and how Google chat can immediately improve your team’s effectiveness through a super simple unified messaging service right inside Gmail

What is Google Chat?

If you’re using Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Asana for your team, you need to take a look at Google Workspace. Google’s G-Suite team productivity suite has been updated to include more tools to keep your team connected. Google Chat is the updated unified messaging tool that you access through Gmail in your organization. Google’s productivity tools have always been super easy to use and now with full integration of all the productivity apps, your team can see effectiveness jump off the charts

Google Chat Features

With the Workspace update, Google made chat so much easier to use. You can create a conversation with an individual or a group, create a room where you can share documents and files, and include Bots that can automate many processes in the room. Meet has also been updated and is also available within Gmail and the chat menus.

How Google Chat Can Make Your Business Better

Compared to other unified messaging applications that may require server-side maintenance, Google Workspace chat enables all the communication features from within Gmail, a service that many of your team members either have used or are currently using. The Google Workspace Admin Console is equally easy to use and setup for your team. Google Workspace within Gmail can also help your team focus on what matters to your business and boost its effectiveness.

Getting Started with Google Chat

Assuming your Google Workspace Admin has enabled chat for your organization, you’ll find the chat tools in your Gmail sidebar. From here, you can launch a chat window to begin a conversation with one person or a group of people from within your organization or with someone outside. You can also create a new room to share documents and other files and collaborate in real-time with others. This is perhaps the most fantastic feature of the new Google Workspace. Finally, Google is really stepping up the game with Google Meet. It’s soon to have virtually all the features of Zoom but can be launched within Gmail, with none of the usual challenges zoom can present getting a meeting off the ground.

Learn How Your Team can Stay Ahead of the Competition with Google Workspace

I’d love to chat with you about how Google Workspace can unify your team no matter where they are and jump into world-class collaboration on projects. Click here to access or schedule a project assessment today. 


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