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September 20, 2021 in Digital Organizing, Google Workspace

Running a small business can be very stressful, especially when you are multitasking and obligated to check your inbox. Does reading emails ever seem like an endless task? Luckily, there is an easy system to follow so that you don’t get bogged down scrolling through Gmail or Outlook. Breaking down an incoming email and organizing its importance can save you time and energy. By following three simple steps, you will be able to manage and process all of the information thrown your way. Here we will break down the method to capture, analyze, and resolve:

1. Capture

First, determine how often you spend time checking Gmail or Outlook. According to CNBC, American workers spend nearly 204 minutes checking their email each day. Depending on your line of business, try to check around five times per day. By limiting the number of times you check your emails, you will become less drained and distracted from more pressing matters.

When you review your email inbox, first determine how long it could take to respond or handle it. You should prioritize messages that you can handle within two minutes or less. This time frame is a suggestion but will help you determine a message’s importance. If the message needs more time and consideration, you can capture it with a label or star in Gmail or use an Outlook folder.

2. Analyze

After organizing your incoming emails, the next step is to go through your Gmail or Outlook folder of captured messages. You should check this folder about once per day to determine the best response and course of action. This technique will help you prioritize which emails need to be addressed right away.

The best way to analyze your Gmail or Outlook starred folder is to set aside a single chunk of time in your daily schedule to dive into emails. This way, you will answer these more time-consuming emails with a higher level of focus. 

3. Resolve

After completing your Gmail or Outlook starred or folder analysis, you can resolve an email by creating an appointment or task. If you need more time to resolve an email, you can mark it in your calendar and come back to it at a later date.

Perhaps there are some emails in your inbox that you cannot get through in your Gmail or Outlook starred folder, you can move them to another folder or storage location to address later.

If a message requires an intricate response, don’t hastily throw one together. Take the time you need to come up with a detailed, informative response, and consult others if you don’t have all the necessary information.

The Takeaway

Running a company is hard work. As a small business, it is necessary to stay organized in all aspects of your daily schedule.

Your email inbox can be a draining part of the workday, but it is essential to stay on top of email whether in Gmail or Outlook. You should also be aware of appropriate email response rates to maintain your professional reputation. By following the steps to capture, analyze, and resolve an email, you can have your business running more smoothly and put yourself in the best mindset for success. Reach out today if you’d like to learn more about Capture, Analyze and Resolve.

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