Two things for Chrome and Google Tasks

June 24, 2021 in Effectiveness, Productivity

As a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant who works on digital projects with clients, I’m in the Google ecosystem on Chrome and Google Tasks most of my day. There are two enhancements that I rely on every day that make my work super enjoyable. They’re both really simple to use and only one requires a small investment for full functionality.

1. Tabliss

First for the Chrome and Google Tasks enhancements is Tabliss. Tabliss is an extension that adds rotating gorgeous imagery to your new tab function in Google Chrome. This extension is super flexible and allows you to add widgets such as date/time and quick launch among others. It’s easy to set up and brings some beauty to your day.

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2. Tasksboard

Next is Tasksboard for Google Tasks is the Kanban-style solution to Google Tasks you probably have been waiting for. You can create multiple boards that can have several task lists. You can add custom labels to your tasks along with easily adding subtasks.

The beauty of Tasksboard lies in the that all of the dated tasks from Tasksboard appear on your google calendar and with being able to add tasks from the mobile Google Calendar app it’s everything that Google Tasks needs to be.

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Reach out to me if you’ve used these apps for Google Chrome and Google Tasks and what you think. Comment on the post or head over to my contact page to get in touch

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