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September 23, 2021 in Email

The lack of customizable signature design options in Gmail has long been a source of frustration for its users. Finally, there’s a way to create an email signature from native HTML programming. Learn more about this easy-to-use solution below.

Why Create a Unique Gmail Signature?

Having a unique Gmail signature has many advantages, including:

  • Branding. If you use any email account for business purposes, you’ll know the importance of having your messages reflect your brand. It’s the online equivalent of passing your business card around.
  • Aesthetics. Even if you’re not using your email for branding, there’s a reason we’ve developed elaborate, personalized marks in handwriting down the years. Quite aside from anti-forgery purposes, there’s huge aesthetic satisfaction in putting your mark on correspondence.
  • Professionalism. Imagine if suddenly everyone has a custom Gmail signature, and you’re still finishing in standard Arial. The professional appearance helps create an image of someone who takes care of their every action — it gives the same impression as smart business attire.

How to Create a Basic Gmail Signature

Gmail provides a fairly basic way to create a signature. You can do this simply by going into your settings and typing out what you want people to see. It allows you to add an image and alter the text style, which is a nice touch. This method has been used by professionals for years and is usually the formatting you’ll see when you receive a business email.

Different Email Signature Options

You can also use this service to create different versions for different applications. For instance, you can set up a style for new mail — this might be the design you want to use to make a strong first impression. Then you can set up another style that you might use for replies and informal mail.

The issue is still that the design options are fairly limited. The fact that the service is provided by Google means that you’re never truly going to stand out from the crowd — everyone uses the same few design options. So is there an option to create a Gmail signature using native HTML programming?

How to Create a Bespoke Gmail Signature Using Native HTML Programming

The main issue for years has been that Gmail doesn’t provide an in-built way of displaying an HTML signature. However, there’s good news — crowdsourced information has allowed users to find a workaround for this problem. By using this method, you can insert an attractive HTML signature into your Google emails.

You can combine the workaround with this service from Wisestamp to create a custom design for your emails. In addition to professional-quality design and a far wider range of options than you’ll find on Google’s product, the Wisestamp service offers the ability to generate a design if you don’t already have one in mind.

This means that you can play around with design options until you find one that reflects your brand, your personality, and the impression you want to give whenever you send an email. It can also save on the cost of hiring a graphic designer for your logo.

Create Your HTML Signature for Gmail Today

Getting ahead of the crowd by using a custom HTML signature designer for Gmail is a great way to make yourself stand out and put your best foot forward when you correspond online. Get creative with the generator or put your finesse into an HTML logo — either way, you’ll be dressed to impress.

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