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January 11, 2022 in Email

If you’re a new business owner and are working to establish an online presence for your business, you know that one sure way to attract customers is to come across as professional. The more legitimate your business appears, the more trustworthy you seem, and the more likely you will engage potential customers.

One way to do this is by replacing your @gmail address with your business email address using your custom domain. Instead of, you’re now communicating through This adds a much more professional touch to your business, and it can be done easily through Google Workspace. FYI, I have a great blog post on organizing your inbox at this link.

How to Set Up Your Google Workspace

So, how exactly do you begin the process? It’s much easier and quicker than you realize! Here are the four steps you need to set up your business email through Google Workspace. 

1. Activate Gmail for Google Workspace

The first step in replacing your @gmail address, after setting up your website domain, you need to set up your business email address. You can use your existing Gmail account to do this. The first thing you need to do is to change your MX records

To accomplish this, you will use your MX records to verify your domain if you haven’t done so already. Here’s how it works:

Sign in to your domain

View your advanced settings

Add new MX records for Gmail servers after deleting existing records

2. Set Up SPF 

SPF is what will protect you from spam and spoofing. All you need to do is obtain your SPF record and add it to your domain provider. If you only want to send emails from your Google Workspace, you can find the SPF record text on Google support. 

3. Transfer Your Information 

Finally, you will need to import all necessary data to your Google Workspace. This data includes calendars, contacts, and emails.

To transfer your information from your original Gmail account, you will need to adjust your settings to automatically forward your Gmail messages to your new email address. Under your account settings, there are also options to import Google contacts and your Google calendar. 

4. Manage Your Account 

Now all that’s left is to manage your account! You can accomplish quite a bit for your business by utilizing Google Workspace. It’s not only a way to make your email address and your company look more professional, but you can consolidate a lot of actions under this one account. 

To name a few, you can:

Manage your payments and billing

Send business communications

Schedule appointments and meetings

Sync your calendars

Plan and hold video meetings

Optimize for mobile devices


By taking just a few simple steps, you’ll consolidate all of your business practices into one account with Google Workspace. Most importantly, transferring your email to one with your custom domain will show both your customers and your professional contacts that you’re ready to take your company to the next level. 


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