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My Favorite Google Workspace Apps That Make You More Effective

If you’re like other small business owners, you’re probably always wishing you could clone yourself. You know what needs to be done; you just need more time to do it. But that’s where working smarter, not harder, comes in. 

When you have the right tools, you can work more effectively. That means you spend less time on menial tasks, collaborate more efficiently with employees, vendors, and clients, and stay organized. 

Here, I’ll share my favorite apps from Google Workspace for getting stuff done and how you can take advantage of these yourself. 

What Is Google Workspace?

Many apps from the company are free such as Gmail and the calendar app. However, as a business owner, you may quickly run into some limitations when using the free versions of Google Drive or Meet. 

When you pay for Workspace, you get complete control over every aspect of the platform’s apps. The functionality will depend on the app. But overall, the business upgrades significantly improve the experience and allow you to work much better than you would on the free versions. 

Google Drive

People have been turning to more cloud-based storage options in recent years. It allows you to access files on the go while still keeping them safe. However, not all cloud servers are equal. 

With Google Drive, you don’t need to worry about compatibility and whether you have the software to open a file. Everything is easily searchable, and you can edit from anywhere. Quickly share documents with whom you want to share and even determine if they can view only, edit, or make comments. 

All of this allows for easy sharing and collaboration for your organization and clients. 


Most of us know firsthand how convenient and easy-to-use Gmail is. But with the Workspace version, now you get all the control you need for seamless managing. Create your customer business domain, which is essential for establishing authority and an air of professionalism. You can manage accounts within the organization, easily organize emails, and even synchronize Gmail with other platforms. I discussed organizing your Gmail inbox in this blog post.

Google Calendar

No more wondering, “when was that meeting rescheduled for?”. With Google Calendar, it’s all clear. Quickly create events, add necessary details, and share them with employees and clients. And with easy integrations, you’ll save time and energy by not having to set up everything yourself. 

Google Chat

Have you ever spent hours searching an email thread to find one tiny piece of information? With Google Chat, you won’t need to. This messaging app allows you to have all sorts of discussions within easily organized threads. With notifications, you won’t miss a thing, and the excellent search feature means you can find what you need in seconds. 

Google Meet

No more having to worry about sending over links that get mixed up with other links, leaving people stuck in perpetual waiting rooms. Google Meet makes everything simple. You’re in Chat, but the discussion would go better over a face-to-face call? Switch over in seconds. 

Google Meet has far more features than you’d find with your standard video conferencing app, and you can explore the features that will work best for your business. 

Using Google Workspace to Become a Better Business Owner

When it comes to making a big difference in a small business, the right investments matter. Invest in the technology that will take your productivity from good to great, and become a more effective leader with Google Workspace apps. 

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