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April 18, 2022 in Evernote

Evernote notebooks are a handy tool, but are you getting the most out of them? Evernote has plenty of tools you can use to ensure you have clean, organized notes. We’ll cover how to organize all of your notes in one place efficiently with Evernote, so you don’t have to waste time searching for notes again!

Why Notebooks Alone Won’t Cut It

Taking organized notes is essential, but if you use notebooks for organizing Evernote, it only lives in one notebook. What if that memo covers several important things or crosses into other lists you use? Organizing your notes means making sure you can find them across all your bases without much effort. 

So what can you do when you have countless notebooks in your account? How do you find what you’re looking for without opening one? The answer is simple: tags.

Advantages to Tags

Use tags to put your notes in order. Tags allow you to keep tabs on all your notes across the system. Notebooks will no longer exclusively hold that critical document or bill you filed, leaving you to waste time searching for one tiny piece of information. You can pull up anything in Evernote marked with that tag with a quick search.

Rather than building up a collection of endless notebooks, think about using a robust system of tags to organize your notes. I posted a recent blog entry about using a scanner for going paperless in Evernote. It’s located at this link.

How to Use Tags Effectively

To make the most out of tags, consider a system that labels notes with big bucket tags such as “Current,” “In Process,” and “Filed”, then implement more specific tags to make it easier to find everything. It isn’t easy to stay organized, but tagging your notes in this way will help you stay on top of things. Using this tag system, you’ll pull up all notes with that tag even if they’re unrelated, regardless of where they’re stored.

This enables you to keep tabs on all your important information in Evernote without scouring the platform for each detail. And because each note can only live in one notebook, you can avoid creating countless notebooks that reiterate the same information. This will save you time and stress. I personally use only two notebooks. “Inbox” and “Reference” The balance of my notes are organized with tags.


Evernote is a vast resource that will help you stay organized if you learn to utilize its user-friendly features. Invest a little time in creating an organizing system so you can save time later when you search for notes. You’ll find yourself using tags frequently and feeling much more organized.

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