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August 11, 2022 in Effectiveness

That’s what a recent attendee said about the Total Effectiveness System. I’m troubled with the current focus on productivity with people working remotely and in a hybrid model. Productivity is essentially doing more work. People end up just working more hours. Through this six-week course, you become more effective as we address your critical roles and values. I’m also passionate about seeing people achieve their goals by organizing areas of their lives and having the extra time that disorganization can steal

So what is the Total Effectiveness System? It’s a six-week course, with each weekly meeting building on the skills learned the week before. In the first week, we review how to set up and use a time log to know about your hidden time wasters and when your focus is most significant. Next is executing an effective values assessment to re-attach what is essential to you. Finally, schedule weekly planning and daily review appointments with yourself. Then we move on to creating exciting projects with values-based goals in week one. In week two, we move on to taking control of your email inbox and learning how to plug the time holes that can occur with email. Week three focuses on organizing any type of information so you stop wasting time locating something you know is there. In week four, we cover how to build a functional task list that will keep you focused on what is essential and not being overwhelmed. Week five is one of my favorites, where we learn about “whole person scheduling.” It means creating a schedule that includes time for your critical roles, time for focus and renewal, and time to work on projects and goals. And finally, in week six, we cover how to organize a physical workspace. The value in this week is the workspace could be a kitchen or garage, depending on what type of work you focus on.

After completing the six lessons, you’ll organize your workspace and set up your weekly schedule and task lists based on your core values. You’ll work on your email and information when your focus is ideal. You’ll be able to keep your plan on track when you execute your daily review appointment with yourself and adjust as necessary. Our attendees have found the system life-changing and saved up to 20 hours each week. Becoming more effective!

We’re launching the next course in a few weeks. Use this link to be notified when it’s launching and to receive registration information. You can always reach out on my contact page here.

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