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How Evernote Teams can Improve Your Business Today

Owning a small business today is equal parts challenging and rewarding. To overcome those challenges and be rewarding, you must utilize all the tools available to streamline your operations. Evernote Teams is one of the tools you need to look at to take your business to the next level. I have a great blog post here about getting started with Evernote

Evernote began as a simple note-taking platform in early 2010 and has since grown into a dynamic and robust information management platform. You can capture and organize virtually any content by creating notes in notebooks and categorizing them with tags. Evernote Teams is the version targeted at small businesses.

Evernote Teams has several features that make collaborating and sharing content with your team and customers, and clients. Here’s how.

Spaces is the exclusive feature of Evernote Teams. The best way to explain Spaces is through an example. You have employees and need to make information about benefits in your business. You can gather all the information in a notebook, a note, or a combination in a Space and make it available to all team members. Another example is content specific to an active project. All the data can reside in a space and is sharable with particular team members involved in the project. When content is added or updated in the space, it’s instantly available. Finally, by sharing information in Spaces, there’s no risk that it will be lost if there is a transition in your team. Spaces stay when people change. There’s even a management area for Spaces to monitor all activity.

The home view in Evernote is a beautiful new feature that allows you to view selected components in one view. You can pin a note to the home screen, view filtered notes, and view shortcuts along with a list of all your notes.

Speaking of the home screen, Evernote Teams lets users connect Google Calendars to their Evernote system viewable at the home screen. All appointments show up in Evernote, and you can utilize a meeting note template to keep track of all activity in any meeting on your calendar. 

A new feature of Evernote Teams is a dedicated tasks feature. When taking notes of a meeting using the template, you’ll be able to list tasks you’ll need to complete. You can also create tasks from any view in Evernote, make them recurring, and assign them to other team members in your organization.

I’d love to show you how Evernote Teams can make your business more effective and enable the service your customers and clients expect. Click this link to set up a time for us to have a complimentary chat to discuss your goals.

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