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In Praise of Simplicity. Using Google Tasks

Simplicity is the best option when it comes to streamlining your digital workspace. The ability to customize every function and curate dozens of widgets might give you a sense of control. Still, it can ultimately prevent you from accomplishing simple objectives. 

You don’t have to look far for digital solutions that make your business more efficient. Google provides a minimalist platform that helps users keep all of their objectives in one place and only includes the most essential features to provide maximum focus, called Google Tasks.

Below is an overview of what you can do with this online manager and why it’s preferable to its competition. 

What Can You Do With Google Tasks? 

Keeping track of daily assignments, organizing them into multiple lists, and tracking deadlines will make your workday more efficient with Tasks. Your lists can also be synchronized across all devices to stay on track throughout the day. 

With Tasks, you can:

  • Open tasks
  • Create lists
  • Organize and update
  • Complete

Getting started requires only 10 minutes of your time and a Google account.


Google Tasks is a great task manager because it isn’t overloaded with additional features. Task management platforms like the ones listed below offer a variety of features, however users can spend more time curating options and delegating objectives as a distraction rather than quickly organizing them to complete later. 

Here’s what you should know about some of these notable Google Task competitors. 


With Todoist, you can select priority, labels, and filters for each task you have. Various options allow users to break down every objective into smaller pieces that can take time away from productivity to assign. Some features also require a subscription to a pro plan. 


Nozebe’s core features are divided into projects, tasks, and comments. Users are encouraged to break items placed in each category down into smaller bits, then add detailed comments. This organizational process can take longer than completing the tasks themselves. 


Omnifocus is divided into two main categories: standard and pro features. The standard option comprises 16 different functions, some of which are not available on all processors. A few functions like batch editing and built-in perspectives encourage users to spend time curating widgets that might not be relevant to everyday work. Note, Omnifocus is only for the Apple ecosystem.

Bottom Line 

Taking 10 minutes out of your day to increase productivity can revolutionize how you accomplish your daily objectives. Sign up with a Google Workspace account to keep all of your work essentials in one place and track your goals from all devices. 

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