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4 Steps to Effective Collaboration in Google Workspace

No matter the amazing experts and brilliant minds you have, a team is useless without collaboration. Enter Collaboration in Google Workspace.

But arranging in-person collaboration meetings is at times impractical. E-mails seem to go back and forth taking up a lot of time while achieving little. That’s where having the right tools for collaborating comes in. 

If you’re looking for a solution to your team’s communication and collaboration needs, Google Workspace could be the perfect place to start. Within this platform, you have multiple tools so that no matter what you need to accomplish, you can do it online. 

Learn more about how Google Workspace and its apps can help your organization. 

1. Collaboration in Google Workspace Chat

Chat is a communication app that seamlessly integrates with all Google products. From sharing Sheets to scheduling directly to your Google Calendar, Chat changes the game. 

Chat works much as a direct messaging system. I discuss Google Chat in this blog post. Send direct message threads or form groups for communication. Create tasks for people that can easily be added to Google Calendar. This way, everyone is on the same page about what needs to be done. You can also start video meetings quickly or add them as events to the calendar. 

Most Americans waste time on emails that get lost in inboxes and leave readers with more questions than answers. Work smarter. Use an app with perfect integration, so you can focus more on collaboration and less on getting in touch. 

2. Using Spaces for Collaboration

While chat is great for quick communication, Spaces is a brand-new way place for organizations to do all their most important communications. Read my blog post on Rooms, the precursor to Spaces here.

Spaces will create threads within groups. Important details don’t get lost in a long singular line of messaging. Just as collaboration works in real life, all the side thoughts and small details get the attention they need without interrupting the flow of the main point. 

You can also search all the content of messaging to get back to things you need to read again. Pin the most important messages to the top of groups so no one misses anything. Gmail is great, but you may find you don’t need it for internal communication when you have Spaces. 

3. Collaboration in Google Docs

If you’ve ever worked on a document with others, you know how frustrating it can be. You send revisions back and forth, and you spend more time searching Gmail for the most recent version rather than doing meaningful revisions. 

With Google Docs, you have a living document. Watch in real-time as others make changes, track the changes that are made, and see the most recent version at all times. 

You also get shareable links to documents to easily share with people. For example, add the link to a Google Calendar invite, so everyone at a meeting has the necessary documents. 

Once you use Google Docs, you’ll never go back to sending documents through Gmail again. 

4. Collaborating with Google Drive

For collaboration to occur, everyone needs access to the same information. But sending documents, presentations, and spreadsheets back and forth becomes disorganized and confusing. And disorganized records come at a huge cost

Google Drive is a space in the cloud for everything an organization needs. Documents, PDFs, presentations, spreadsheets, pictures, and more. You can even track changes with Gmail notifications that inform you of every edit and comment, so you stay informed if you need to. 

Start Better Collaborations 

For your team to make progress, you need effective collaboration. And with Google Workspace, you have access to all the tools your organization needs. With a variety of pricing plans available, get apps and features at a price that fits your budget. Try it yourself and see how your organization collaborates more effectively than ever. 

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