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A cluttered workspace limits your productivity and can leave you feeling crowded at your desk. Now that the team is back in the office, you’ll want to finally set your team up for success by organizing neat, lean offices and keeping them that way. 

But where do you start? 

This guide will show you where to start and how to keep your space orderly following workspace 5S methods.

Only Keep What’s Necessary

While some may argue a messy desk indicates creativity, there’s no denying that clutter can overwhelm you quickly and lead to a more stressful environment. A messy desk doesn’t make you more productive, so why not clean this space up and make working at the office more comfortable? 

Here’s how to start creating your lean office: you’ll need to sort through your items on your desk and keep only the necessary items. Anything you rarely use need to be removed, such as old decorations and documents. Damaged or worn items need to go as well. 

Keep in mind that it’s easy to keep objects because they think they will one day come in handy, but how often does that day come? Not often! Instead, it’s more likely things will pile up, so follow Marie Kondo’s advice and clear stuff out. 

Once you’ve made progress on your desk, you’re ready to move onto other parts of the office with the same process. This can include:

  • Supply closets
  • Employee work stations
  • Kitchens
  • Conference rooms
  • Reception areas

Start Organizing

Now it’s time to arrange your remaining essentials in a way that promotes efficiency. The most frequently used items should be in the same general area to reduce the time spent moving around your desk. 

If you are keen to keep the space pristine, consider placing tape or labels down where each item is so that you will not forget its place. You can even ensure that you check that each item is in its proper place before you leave, keeping your workspace 5S organized for the next day.

Also, think about the office space itself and where the equipment is located: 

  • Is the printer or copier cramped in a corner?
  • Are the filing cabinets crowding the halls?
  • Do team members have to walk a great distance from their desks to get to these devices?

If the answer is yes, consider moving them to more convenient locations for everyone. If the devices are frequently used, bring them to where they are needed to reduce traffic and increase workflow.

Keep It Clean

Once the desk is clean, it has to stay that way! One way to do this is to develop a cleaning schedule for your workspace. This can be a list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to keep the lean office space neat, organized, and running smoothly.

Your cleaning process can be as light as putting everything back in its place and removing any trash or unnecessary items, or you can be more thorough and wipe down all surfaces with a cloth and cleaning spray. However you decide to keep your workspace clean, what matters most is that you continue to keep up with that routine.

Doing these checks every day can help keep your items in better condition, making them last longer while also allowing you to clear out any clutter that pops up during the workday.


It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to organizing your workspace. Streamlining your processes in the office is the best way to increase productivity and keep your office looking sharp. 

Following Workspace 5S methods, you can get your lean office space running clutter-free in no time and keep it that way. If you’d like to read up on 5S, check out this blog post

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