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November 9, 2022 in Productivity

Productivity, to Measure How Your Team is Performing, is Missing Out on a Great Opportunity.

The problem of productivity starts with the modern definition of productivity, according to dictionary.com, is: “the rate at which goods and services having exchange value are brought forth or produced.”

This definition is problematic for several reasons; most importantly, it’s a single dimension view of multi-dimensional individuals.

How bad can it be?

I did a #Google search of “what’s wrong with productivity” and received 96 million results. While many of these weren’t relevant to the investigation, the first several pages all told the same story. Comments like “we’re not robots” are peppered throughout the results. Don’t get me wrong; productivity has a place. Routine tasks like compiling reports for taxes completed the most efficiently are beneficial. The problem is when we need to consider all that goes into the people who do the work.

The Pandemic…

Discussion of the problems with productivity would only be complete by mentioning the pandemic. When people had to adjust to completely different work environments, it heightened the focus on traditional productivity. Suddenly work-life balance began to tank as important life roles became ignored, people worked harder, putting in more hours, and burnout took off.

What is The Solution to The Problem of Productivity?

In a word, balance. I like to call it effectiveness. Back to definitions from dictionary.com, “effectiveness is the fact or quality of producing the intended or desired result.” Becoming effective begins with slowing down and reconnecting with what matters in your work and personal lives. It’s becoming apparent in the critical and often varied roles we fulfill. Achieving balance is vital from a spouse or significant other to a parent to a designer to a homeowner.

To understand where you are with your important roles, start with your core values. When I work with clients on organizing goals, I begin with the SMART goal model and then take it one step further—aligning your SMART goals with your core values. As I’ve said, robbing a bank could be a SMART goal, but you probably wouldn’t be successful if larceny isn’t a core value.

Next in becoming effective is deep diving into where you are with work-life balance. Many quick self-assessments available can give you an idea of where you are. From there, it comes down to creating appointments with yourself to plan your week and review each day after it happens. Making weekly planning and daily review appointments with yourself. Other components to becoming effective; working off of a “whole person schedule” instead of just a calendar. A task or a to-do list that does the same. Organize projects and goals, stay on your email, and organize any information.

If You’d Like to Learn More…

I love to geek out on effectiveness and would love to chat with you about how to become more effective.

Kickstart your productivity with the Total Effectiveness System. This six-lesson online course will show you how to organize your life around what matters and your critical roles.

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