November 20, 2023 in Email

With the holiday season fast approaching, you’re likely to receive a surge of Thanksgiving emails. From family plans to Black Friday deals, these messages can quickly pile up, making it difficult for you to keep track. Don’t let your important emails get lost in the clutter! Organize Thanksgiving email with some clever use of Gmail features, to stay on top of your inbox.

Gmail Labels Explained

Gmail labels are a powerful tool for organizing your emails. They work much like folders, allowing you to categorize your emails. However, they offer more flexibility as an email can have multiple labels. Labels can be color-coded, making it easy to visually distinguish between different categories of emails. They can also be nested under each other, creating a hierarchy of categories.

Gmail Filters Explained

Gmail filters work hand-in-hand with labels. They allow you to automate the process of managing your inbox. With filters, you can set up rules that tell Gmail what to do with an email when it arrives. For example, you can automatically apply a label, archive the email, mark it as read, or even delete it. Filters can be created based on several criteria, such as the sender, the subject, or specific words in the email.

Creating a Thanksgiving Label and Automatic Filter

To stay on top of your Thanksgiving emails, you can create a dedicated label. Simply click on “Create new label” in Gmail’s left-hand sidebar, and name it “Thanksgiving”. You can even choose a color for the label. Next, create a filter to automatically apply this label to relevant emails. In Gmail’s search bar, click on the down arrow to open the advanced search. Fill in the criteria that match your Thanksgiving emails, such as emails that contain the word “Thanksgiving”. Then, click on “Create filter” and choose “Apply the label: Thanksgiving”. Now, all your incoming Thanksgiving emails will be neatly organized under this label.


By creating a dedicated Thanksgiving label and setting up an automatic filter in Gmail, you can easily manage your holiday emails. This will not only keep your inbox organized but also ensure that no important email gets lost in the holiday rush. So, gear up for the holidays and make the most out of Gmail’s organization features!

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