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May 5, 2021 in Uncategorized

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to a CRM or customer relationship management system to handle their client transactions. Why? Because it’s easier than keeping track of multiple spreadsheets simultaneously.

I recently had a client who was keeping track of their data using Google Sheets. While Google Sheets are useful for a lot of things, they fall short when it comes to CRM. This is because Google Sheets aren’t specifically designed for CRM, as compared to platforms such as Keap and Insightly. As you might expect, I found my client’s process to be manual in nature.

Keap vs. Insightly: Pros and Cons

Next, I researched Keap and Insightly. As with Google Sheets, both are cloud-based, meaning you can access them from anywhere at any time. Both have a calendar/ reminder function, but only Insightly has document storage. Keap also lacks social media integration.

Both platforms are best used by one to 1,000+ users, which means virtually any size business would benefit from either one. Both have email marketing and marketing automation as well as mobile apps and task management. Also, Keap features in-person training. Keap is also stronger in building email campaigns.

Both have free trials, and Insightly has a free version. Keap is more expensive than Insightly per month. Keap is excellent for increasing your efficiency, while Insightly is easy to use with project management. Both were clear winners over Google Sheets for productivity and effectiveness. 

The Verdict?

My client ultimately chose Keap for its email marketing features and asked me to assist in the implementation. I’m confident that the end result will streamline their process.

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