Drowning in Digital Clutter? Reclaim HOURS of Your Life with The "Tame the Digital Chaos" Training!

Are you tired of the endless email onslaught, a digital file system that feels more like a black hole, and brilliant ideas that vanish as quickly as they appear? In just three simple one hour lessons, I'll guide you through proven strategies to transform your digital chaos into digital calm.

What You'll Learn

Are you sacrificing precious moments for digital chaos? Every disorganized email, misplaced file, and forgotten idea is stealing hours from what truly matters. Imagine reclaiming that lost time for family, friends, personal growth, or simply unwinding. Don't settle for a life dictated by digital clutter. Take control now and start living on your terms. In three one hour personalized lessons we'll work through the following areas...

Your Inbox

Imagine a world where your inbox is your ally, not your enemy. Where every email is handled efficiently, leaving you time to focus on what truly matters. This training will show you the way, so you can unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.

Your Filing System

Tired of the endless scrolling, the frantic searching, the lost files buried in a labyrinth of folders? Reclaim your sanity and your precious time! In this training, you'll master the art of creating a visually stunning, intuitively organized folder structure that fits YOUR unique workflow. Say goodbye to random folder chaos and hello to a streamlined system where every file is just a few clicks away.

Digital Content

Brilliant ideas don't wait for convenient moments. They strike when you're least expecting them – while driving, dining, or in the midst of conversation. Discover the proven process for capturing every fleeting thought, transforming those random sparks into fuel for your productivity and success!

How Is This Training Different?

Personalized And In Person 

Experience personalized coaching and support in a live, interactive setting. Choose your preferred platform – Google Meet or Zoom – and connect directly with me as I guide you through the transformative process of mastering your digital life.

Adapted To Your Tools

Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Apple iCloud, or even Chrome OS? No matter your platform of choice, I'm fluent in all the major ecosystems. Your digital transformation journey will be seamless, regardless of the tools you use.

Training At Your Pace

Your schedule, your success! We'll tailor your training sessions to fit seamlessly into your life, ensuring optimal learning and results. Experience the convenience of flexible scheduling, while benefiting from the proven power of consistency.

Access After The Training

Your investment in digital mastery is an investment in your future. With discounted rates on follow-up sessions, you'll have ongoing support and guidance as your needs evolve, ensuring lasting organization and productivity.

Tame Digital Chaos Today!

With cluttered digital spaces, you're leaving hours on the table each week! Start putting those hours back where they belong!

About Todd Allan

Hey there, I'm Todd, the founder of Structured Space, and I've been exactly where you are – buried under a mountain of emails and files, feeling overwhelmed and out of control. I've spent years refining the systems and strategies that transformed my own digital life, and now I'm on a mission to help you do the same. 

I'm passionate about empowering others to achieve a sense of calm, clarity, and productivity in their digital world. No more overwhelm, no more lost files, no more missed deadlines. Just a streamlined, organized, and enjoyable digital experience. Ready to get started? Let's dive in and transform your digital life together!

Happy Clients!

napo houston

Non profit

implementing google workspace

Structured Space did a great job at getting us on Google Workspace, transferring information from other platforms and training our group how to use it. Thanks so much!

We have used Todd Allan and Structured Space for multiple projects, trainings, and general consulting. The Total Effectiveness System training has increased our efficiency and productivity and Todd's guidance has helped us streamline team calendars and communications. Todd is responsive and helpful and if he doesn't know the answer, he works to find it! What a help to a small team - thanks, Todd!

Molly Beyer


Todd is a remarkable person in that he has not just organizational skills, but also the ability to listen to people so that he can tailor a solution that not only looks good but can be easily maintained.

Laurin Schweet


I continue to seek Todd's expert guidance as my business grows. Always good to have a digital tune up! Everyone could benefit from consultation with Todd! He helped me think through a strategy for managing the electronic work flow for my business. Todd's thoughtful and collaborative approach allowed me to create a system that really works for me. Our digital world has become so immense that it is critical to have a partner in figuring out the best way to manage it. Todd will help you reclaim time in your life with better efficiency and reduced aggravation. He's the best!

Nancy Maki


What Makes Structured Space Different?

Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary!

Digital Decluttering Experts: We don't just organize; we streamline your digital life. We'll help you reclaim your time and focus by taming your files, emails, and digital clutter.

Personalized Systems: We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Your digital life is unique, and we'll create a custom system that works for your specific needs and habits.

Empowering You: We don't just fix the mess; we teach you the skills to maintain your digital organization so you can stay in control.

Beyond File Management: We understand the emotional weight of digital clutter. We'll help you create a digital space that feels calm, efficient, and inspires productivity.

Your Trusted Partner: We're here for the long haul. Whether you need a one-time overhaul or ongoing support, we'll be your partner in creating a digital life you love.

End Digital Chaos Today!

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What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO RISK with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

We've used Todd a couple of times now to help re-calibrate the business and our processes. Todd's trainings are straightforward, comprehensive, and never come across as dull or boring. Thanks Todd - we will be back!

Dani Barney

I would highly recommend Todd to anyone who is looking for help with digital organization and especially for those who are interested in getting the most out of Google Workspace. It was an excellent experience, and he made it so much easier than trying to tackle everything on my own!

Lisa Griffith

Todd is a clear expert in organizing and Evernote Consulting. I recently took a course from him on how to use Evernote for organizing digital files and was blown away. I highly recommend Structured Space for any type of professional organizing.

corbin nakamura


Is Search Really the Best Way to Manage My Inbox? I'm Tired of the Constant Digging! Is There a Better Way?

Search relies on you knowing the right keywords. What if the critical detail is in an email you wouldn't think to search for? Our system ensures every email is evaluated for its importance, so nothing slips through the cracks.

My Inbox is a Disaster! Is There a Simple System to Get it Under Control? Help!

Our Capture, Analyze, Resolve system is a streamlined approach designed to turn your email from a burden into an asset. Here's how it works:

Capture: This is where we gather all your incoming emails in one central location, your "inbox." It's like collecting all the mail from your mailbox before you start sorting it.

Analyze: Now, it's decision time. For each email, you quickly assess; is it actionable, is it reference material, is it trash?

Resolve: This is where you take action based on your analysis; do, delegate, defer, file, delete

I Can Never Find Anything! I'm So Tired of Scrolling Through Endless Folders. Is There an Easier Way to Organize My Files?

The yoyo effect typically happens when you have too many folders, especially at the top level of your file system. This makes it difficult to quickly identify the right folder and forces you to rely on memory or endless scrolling. It's like trying to find a book in a library with no clear organization – a recipe for frustration.

Brilliant ideas and to-dos pop up at the most inconvenient times! How can I capture these random thoughts without losing them in the chaos of my day?

"Aha!" Moments Don't Always Happen at Convenient Times. What's the Best Way to Capture and Store Ideas and Information On-the-Go?

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