For many, organization is cyclical. They realize information around them is getting scattered, they’re starting to get stressed by the clutter, so they go on a cleaning binge and get everything in its place. For a few weeks, they bask in the accomplishment of their expertly filed documents. Then, organizational atrophy sets in. Emails become unsorted, filing gets neglected, photo galleries lay dormant. Slowly, the stress rebuilds and the mess collects until it’s time for another round of cleaning. And though this strategy is ineffective, people simply choose to live with it because they don’t have time for another approach. But with organizational maintenance from Structured Space, the clutter never has to build. Todd Allan will help businesses and individuals keep their documents categorized and their information accessible.

With organizational system maintenance, Structured Space will regularly meet with clients to help them preserve a well-catalogued space. Todd Allan is capable of providing system maintenance in both digital and physical spaces, or both. System maintenance works best as a collaborative effort—when a business continues to grow into new offerings and operations, organization must follow. Structured Space is here to guide business through each new development, helping them gain organizational footing with a practice before it becomes a problem.

Located in Seattle, Structured Space serves clients across the US. Reach out for a consultation today!