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Who we are

Todd Allan

Founder, Chief Organizationist Structured Space Professional Organizing

I’ve had a life…

I Grew up with Attention Deficit Disorder, didn’t know it, went to high school in a tiny town, lived through it, went to college, and flunked out. While working in the family business my future was freed up. Which ended up begin a good thing. After being married for many years my marriage ended in divorce. I’m a dad to three beautiful sons (who are now wonderful young men). Unlike many people, it took several different jobs/careers and even selling cars for a year and a half to understand what my passion is.

With untreated ADD, I developed systems and processes to stay on top of things. And interestingly, when I feel stressed about something, I find a spot in my home or office to organize, and I’m instantly centered. When we work together, you’ll find that we will connect quickly, and I’ll understand deeply what you’d like to accomplish and what some of your challenges might be.

With my varied career trajectory, I bring immeasurable experience to your project. At structured Space, we believe in unlocking the true potential of individuals and teams through organizing. In our work with clients over the years, it’s clear that disorganization and clutter are often obstacles to reaching a larger goal than just becoming organized or decluttered.

Structured Space Professional Organizing began as a suggestion from a friend whose service was cleaning my home for an upcoming special occasion and commented, “you should look into becoming a professional organizer; your home is the most organized I’ve been in”. Please read my blog post on why you should hire a professional organizer here. Or more about what we do here.

Our Approach to organizing

We pride ourselves on a non-judgemental and collaborative working relationship. We value our client’s privacy and will never use client information as a marketing tool! Your goals for decluttering and getting organized are the focus during our initial no-cost meeting. During this time, we will get to know each other and learn how best to work together. After this meeting, we’ll put the TIME method into place and move forward.

After our initial meeting, I’ll provide you with a detailed estimate of the project with costs and timelines for you to review. When we finalize the proposal, we’ll schedule the time to get going.

That’s it, simple. Reach out today to begin!

become Organized Now…

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