Who I Am

Todd Allan

Founder, Chief Organizationist Structured Space Professional Organizing

I‘ve had a life…

I grew up with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) without realizing it. I went to high school in a small town, graduated, went to college, and flunked out. My future was uncertain while working in the family business, but this was good. After many years of marriage, my marriage ended in divorce, but I’ve had the privilege to be the proud father of three beautiful and successful young men. I’ve held several jobs and even sold cars for a year and a half on my journey to discover my passion.

With untreated ADD, I’ve developed creative systems and processes to stay on top of things. Interestingly, when I feel stressed, I find a place in my home or office to organize, which instantly centers me. When we work together, you’ll connect quickly, and I’ll deeply understand what you’d like to achieve and what some of your challenges might be.

With my varied career trajectory, I bring immeasurable experience to your project. At Structured Space, I believe in unlocking the true potential of individuals and teams through organizing. 

Structured Space Professional Organizing began as a suggestion from a friend who was cleaning my home for an upcoming special occasion and commented,” you should look into becoming a professional organizer; your home is the most organized I’ve seen.” From that conversation and research, I started organizing as a career.

My Approach to Organizing

I pride myself on maintaining a non-judgmental and collaborative working relationship. During our initial complimentary call, we’ll focus on your goals for decluttering and organizing. We’ll use this time to get to know each other better and determine how we can work together. After this meeting, we’ll implement the TIME method to guide us through the project.

Following our initial meeting, I’ll provide you with a detailed project proposal that includes costs and timelines for you to review. Once we finalize the proposal, we’ll schedule the time to get started.


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