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Email Processes and Organizing

Do you feel you might have a time bomb waiting to go in your email inbox? Have you lost clients or customers because of a lost or misplaced email? Or you don’t know if you’ve replied or not? We’ve perfected a process for managing and reviewing your inbox to identify important emails that need critical follow-up. Learn more about how you can manage email instead of email managing your business. Learn how we can save you hours each week by taking control of your email inbox. Visit our contact page to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

Digital File Organizing

Do you scroll endlessly looking for an online file? Are you having problems closing new businesses because your team can’t locate files needed for a project? Perhaps you or your team have spent hours duplicating files that already existed. Our system for organizing cloud file systems will allow you to locate any file in four clicks or less. You’ll save yourself and your team hours each week when you implement our process. To schedule a cloud file project review, visit our contact page and schedule a meeting.

Organizing and Training in Google Workspace

You might be wondering if you’re using all the features of Google Workspace. Do you use an @gmail address for your business? Are you struggling to close a new business? If so, you’re close to boosting the professionalism of your business by rolling out Google Workspace and giving your email more polish. In addition, with Google Workspace, you’ll have access to numerous apps and collaboration features available to Google Workspace users. We can help you organize Google Workspace for your business. Visit our contact page and schedule a meeting.

Digital Information Organizing

Are you struggling to locate a specific receipt or report for a client or a document for tax season? Learn how easy it is to organize that information with Evernote and our innovative capture system. The key is a process that you can rely on. Read more about my methodology for organizing information in this blog post. Visit our contact page to schedule your complimentary discovery call.

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