Running a business is not a simple undertaking. Managing customers, employees, funds, growth, and all the other small day-to-day tasks does not leave much room for coordinating an organizational system. As a result, paperwork builds, documents get lost, and time is wasted. This is where Structured Space comes in. Todd Allan helps companies in the Seattle area and across the U.S. develop customized strategies for reducing clutter in the digital and physical office.

Office organization typically leads to an increase in one crucial resource—time. With more time, employees complete more work, customers receive better products and services, and capital builds. A disorganized office, whether it’s a messy desktop or a pile of documents, causes distractions and stress for the entire team. When clutter is removed and information is categorized, people typically experience an increase in creativity and productivity. Maintaining an office environment that emphasizes organization and workflow optimization will keep employees productive and fulfilled.

Todd Allan is an Evernote Certified Consultant with a passion for building well-structured, organizational systems. He’s got the experience and the enthusiasm to transform any physical or digital space into an informed and powerful design. Whether you’re an older business looking to go paperless or a startup in need of workflow consulting, Structured Space can provide a custom service to achieve those objectives.

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