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March 21, 2022 in De-clutter, Digital Organizing

Digital clutter leading to a lack of communication effectiveness and interaction is one of the biggest red flags reported by clients and customers of small businesses. While technology has revolutionized the way companies of all sizes operate, it can also be a detriment if not used correctly.

Digital clutter is one of the biggest hindrances for small businesses and entrepreneurs operating online. Learn more about how eliminating your digital clutter will streamline communication with clients and keep customer relations strong.

What is Digital Clutter?

The first step in addressing this issue is identifying your digital clutter. Your physical workspace can be pristine, but what does your digital workspace look like?

Inboxes with 100+ messages, desktops with vaguely named folders covering every corner, and old documents with sensitive information floating around your storage are prime examples of digital clutter.

Tips on Organization 

Computers are forever intertwined with how we do business, and it’s essential to learn how to use them correctly. You may have all of your information on your computer, but do you know how to access it? And when a quarter of surveyed Americans say that keeping old, unnecessary files stresses them out, it’s time to take action. 

When you organize, you enjoy many benefits such as:

Reduced Stress. Always know where important files are at all times. 

Better Security. When you have so many files that you don’t know what’s important or not, you’re not adding extra, necessary security to sensitive information. When you organize correctly, you can add those barriers.

Increase Productivity. Spend less time searching and more time on critical tasks.

Improve Device Speed. When your device isn’t bogged down with files, it can work more efficiently and quickly.

Here are some tips you can use for reducing digital clutter. 

Separate Email Accounts

Do you have separate accounts for business and your personal life? A great way to maintain tidiness for both spheres of your life is to keep dedicated emails for each. When combined, it’s impossible to know how many of the 50+ messages in your inbox pertain to your business or your alma mater asking for donations. 

Delete Documents

If you haven’t used it recently, delete it. If there are duplicates, find the most current copy and delete the rest. 

You can transfer documents onto USB drives, but remember that adding a physical component to your cybersecurity comes with inherent risks. Don’t compromise the security of your business and contacts by dumping a bunch of clutter on a USB.

Get Rid of Clutter, Maximize Effectiveness

A clean workspace is a healthy one, and this is just as true for a digital one as a physical office space. When you create a tidy space, you’ll increase your overall effectiveness. 

Keep your digital clutter to a minimum to maximize your day-to-day productivity and help you maintain healthy customer relationships.

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