Since 2008, Evernote has brought structure and confidence into people’s lives with its innovative note taking and planning system. They’ve also introduced their certified consulting program, which helps recognize professionals in the industry. Users of the Evernote app manage busy lives through an online platform that helps them organize daily activities and notes. Its placement in the cloud means users are never without their to-do lists, pictures, or documents. This revolutionary system is part of a larger movement from Evernote to help people achieve stable, meaningful lives through organization. As an Evernote Certified Consultant (ECC), Todd Allan works as a personal guide for people and businesses in need of help with decluttering and workflow restructuring.

Companies that decide to work with Todd as their Evernote Certified Consultant gain a valuable resource for increasing efficiency and employee satisfaction. Todd is passionate about creating digital and physical spaces that leaves a team in complete understanding and control over the task at hand. He provides hands-on guidance to establish a more productive workflow and ensure that everyone on the team is properly trained to implement and practice this new system. Todd will also introduce the Evernote app across the organization and help leadership communicate its many benefits over traditional workflow management systems.

Optimize the most valuable resource at your company—time. With assistance from Todd Allan as your Evernote Certified Consultant, workflow will reach peak efficiency and stress levels will diminish. Get in touch with Structured Space to learn more about Evernote consulting in the Seattle area and across the US.