When people think of clutter, they usually picture a pile of paperwork in danger of collapsing at any moment. When it comes to professional organizing, NAPO has defined the term electronic only to refer to this type of organizing service. In the digital era, clutter also exists within our computers and mobile devices.

Information can easily become scattered among a series of files and programs, which keeps the user from accessing it and leads to a disorganized workflow. Adding to this chaos is the risk that all the information could be lost without back-ups.

As an expert digital organization service based in the Seattle area, Structured Space helps people get their digital information in order.

Based on the unique nature of your information, Structured Space will work with you to create a custom system for sorting through emails, documents, images, and any other relevant materials.

By reducing clutter in your computer or mobile device, Structured Space provides you with the opportunity to more effectively prioritize tasks and recover important details. Digital organization also extends the lifetime of your technology, allowing it to operate at faster speeds and more storage capacity. Once it’s organized, the process should be maintained with a digital workflow maintenance strategy.

If your phone or computer seems buried in a mess of random images and other files,  Get in touch with Structured Space to learn more about our unique digital organizing service in the Seattle area and across the US.

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