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March 10, 2022 in Google Workspace

Many people are continuing to work remotely in 2022, and this trend shows no signs of stopping. While remote work can be convenient, it also has its drawbacks. Connecting with colleagues when you need to share info can be challenging, and it can get a bit hum-drum working on your own all the time. 

Luckily, there are loads of ways for collaboration and connection with your colleagues and get organized via Google Workspace platforms. 

These are our five favorite ways to collaborate with others online by using Workspace. 

1. Google Workspace Essentials

This solution serves as a free introduction to the Google Workspace bouquet and its basic workspace offerings. Businesses can access these innovative, secure tools to achieve seamless online collaboration.

This option makes it easier for new users to select how they would like to work and which Workspace tools they would like to work with.  

2. Google Drive

This facility allows users to access up to 100GB of cloud space, depending on your package, and lets you share files amongst team and client members. All relevant members can access the necessary files in one place, edit them, and add comments without sending the document back and forth. Plus, Google Drive uploads files faster than many other cloud spaces.

3. Google Spaces

When using Google Spaces, work teams get to synergize in collaboration by managing tasks, sharing ideas, and working together on documents – all in one place. All work gets saved in case it’s needed in the future. This means that Space users can access and make changes to files whenever their schedules allow. The facility also saves all editing and comment history, so everyone can access the full context when they log in. 

4. Google Chat

The Google Chat platform is a safe communications portal that provides a seamless business communications solution. Workers can talk via text, develop collaborative chat rooms, send presentations, exchange documents, and create online conferences.

5. Google Meet

Google Meet allows users to engage in enterprise-grade online conferencing. Any user who has an account can develop a Meet space. You can host online meetings with as many as 100 participants for as long as an hour per meeting.

What if I’m not a User? 

Non-Google users can still have access to these platforms. New software enables non-users to see, comment on, and edit files in Google cloud spaces by entering a secure pin-code. These visitors can access files by simply clicking on invitation links and following the prompts. 


As you can see, Google Workspace platforms can collapse timezones and reduce meeting complications to make business operations efficient while functioning remotely. There’s no need to install fancy software; we guarantee that these simple solutions make collaboration far more convenient for both you, your employees, and your clients. 



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