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Digital organizing and navigating the digital landscape can be overwhelming for any small business owner. Are your files scattered, with no system in place? Feeling like you're not tapping into the full potential of your digital tools? You're not alone. Discover our tailored solutions designed to simplify your digital organization, harness the power of your tools effectively, streamline your time management, and boost overall productivity. 

Digital organizing, coaching, and productivity

What's Possible With Structured Space as Your Digital Partner?

Digital File Management

I'll help you develop a transparent system for naming files and organizing folders to make finding the documents you need a breeze. Then, I'll assist you in identifying and getting rid of duplicates and outdated files, freeing up precious storage space. Finally, I'll work with you to choose a primary storage location (like a cloud service) and teach you how to maintain your newly organized system, ensuring long-term success.

Email Optimization

To tame your inbox, I'll help you set up filters and rules that automatically sort incoming emails into the proper categories. We'll work on innovative email management strategies, like "Capture, Analyze, Resolve" or bulk actions to unsubscribe or take quick actions on multiple emails simultaneously. Finally, we'll create a transparent system to distinguish between important and less urgent emails, keeping your inbox clutter-free.

Productivity Systems & Workflows

I'll evaluate your current tools and pinpoint areas where they fall short. Then, I'll suggest and help you set up a note-taking system (like Notion, Evernote, or OneNote) that aligns with your preferences. Finally, I'll guide you in implementing a task management system that matches your work style, helps you stay on top of your responsibilities, and improves your organization for easy access to information.

Cloud Setup & Management

The first step is to help you compare cloud storage options (like Dropbox, One Drive, or Google Drive) to find the best fit for your needs. Then, I'll set up your cloud accounts with a clear and user-friendly folder structure to simplify navigation. Finally, I'll transfer your files from other locations onto their chosen cloud solution(s) and teach the ins and outs of using the cloud to access, share, and collaborate on files from any location.

Step 1

Reach out for a complimentary no-obligation discovery call to review your project and goals for digital organizing

Step 2

You'll receive a detailed project proposal outlining timelines and other details

Step 3

Our work begins, and continues until

we accomplish all phases of the

project from the proposal. It's that


My Process...

The process is easy to navigate. We'll start with a complimentary discovery call to get to know each other and your goals. From our discussion, I'll create a detailed phased project proposal for your review. When the proposal is confirmed, we'll begin our work together.

When we're finished, you'll have a documented digital road map to maximize yours, and your team's effectiveness!

Why Choose Structured Space?

Todd helped me gain traction in getting all my documents and receipts in order. After purchasing a small business in 2017, I just never got around to sorting everything out. The mountains of old files. And it effected the organization of current paperwork as well. Todd helped me get a grasp of everything. Organizing and setting up a game plan for what to keep in the future. I was able to file my 2020 taxes on time which i never thought would happen. He was a big help moving in the right direction.

Happy Hauler

Tame Your Email Avalanche

Email is one of the most important business communication tools, but it's a source of distraction and wasted time.

Improve Your Bottom Line

When your team knows exactly where content is to respond to customer or client inquiries. No more lost time.

Say Goodbye to Workflow Gridlock

With a defined and documented process for interacting with all of your digital tools.

Actually Achieve Work-Life Balance

By staying on top of your digital spaces, you'll feel more in control even when you're not at work.

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"I'm committed to your project's success. When you work with me, we continue to work on the project until we've accomplished your goals we created when we started our work together!"

About Todd

My Background

Hi there and thanks for browsing my site. My name is Todd Allan and My passion is working with small businesses to leverage technology and digital tools to maximize their effectiveness.

I grew up in the central Washington State area, working with my family growing, packing, and shipping fresh apples, pears, and cherries through the US and internationally. In this role, I developed my love of technology and the tools that make teams more effective.

From there, I’ve held several interesting roles. From work in a marketing agency to new Acura sales and leasing, to finally managing a fresh sausage plant. In all my roles technology has been a constant. I assimilate new tools and systems quickly and am able to scale them in a workspace to leverage a team’s strengths.

My Approach

I pride myself on maintaining a collaborative working relationship with all my clients. During our initial discovery call, we’ll focus on the goals for your digital project. We’ll use this time to get to know each other better and determine how to work together. After this meeting, I’ll create a detailed project proposal for your review. When we get the proposal details down, we’ll start our work together.

Thanks for spending time here and I look forward to chatting with you about how technology and digital tools can move your business forward.

Achieve Digital Serenity now!


You blog about finding a file in four clicks or less. How is this accomplished?

The key to finding any file in four clicks or less is to create seven to ten main or "big buckets" folders that capture the main subjects of your content. Next, add sub-folders as needed, and finally, adhere to a file naming convention that works for you and your team.

Our CRM system isn't serving our team's needs. Do you help with recommending a CRM solution?

I help clients maximize their existing CRM system to take advantage of possible unused components that will benefit the team. I also make recommendations on an alternative CRM system that could better fit the team's needs. I'll also help with implementation and training.

What measurable results can we expect from your digital organization or productivity services?

Key performance indicators can include reduced time spent searching for information, increased task completion rates, fewer security incidents, and improved employee satisfaction. Another tool I use with clients is implementing a simple time-log system. This information will give you great insight into how your day is structured.

How can you assist in improving our team's digital communication?

I've worked on all the main platforms in use today and can recommend communication tools and systems in those environments as well as practices to enhance team collaboration and streamline information sharing. One of the best ways to improve communication is a structured system for organizing all your content. Everyone will know exactly where everything is located.

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